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Why do you need Time Delay?

Need a Profanity Delay for Compliance or Censorship for Broadcasting Regulations?

Time Delay.tv is the UK's first and only Company dedicated to the Time Delay.tv and the Broadcast Compliance / Censorship of Live and Pre Recorded Television Shows.

Having worked with every major Broadcaster in the UK, and with over 25,000 hours of live compliance under our belts, we are the Profanity Delay specialists! Our Time Delay.tv profanity units can delay picture and/or sound from 5 to 10 seconds (or longer) and enables you to automatically cut sound or pictures away to a different Video/Sound source.

Time Delay.tv will help to ensure that in the United Kingdom, Ofcom Regulations are adhered to. We are a supplier of Compliance Loggers and Editors for all your Broadcasting Needs.

Here are a few reasons you should consider using Time Delay:

We have: