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How Does It Work?

The compliance officer/producer watches and listens to the gallery output with headphones. There are two hand held buttons, one for video, and the other for audio.

As soon as a swear word/bad video is heard or seen, the hand held button is pressed (there is a 1-2 second adjustable reaction time built in to the button press), so that the bleeping takes place a second before the word has been said!

The button is kept pressed for as long as the offence takes place. Automatically the offence is replaced with effects from a different live/CD/video source.

After the button is released, 5-10 seconds later the sound comes out of the delay unit, fully complied.


As far as the gallery is concerned, all timings are carried out with the time of day (time code is advanced locally by 5-10 seconds, so that when it hits the transmission suite, everything is in perfect time.)


If for any reason the button is not pressed in time, there is a second chance of instantly cutting out the sound/video just before the output of the Time Delay unit goes to transmission.